NT Skin Care 

& Beauty Therapies

Specializing in Rebuilding Healthy Skin From The Outside In.

About Us:


 NT Skin Care & Beauty Therapies provides natural-based treatment solutions for healthy skin 


We are a skin health center offering professional, clinical-grade skincare remedies, while incorporating all-natural, holistic skincare therapies. 

All with the mission of delivering high-quality and results-oriented treatments, we offer an integrated approach to your total wellness.


NT Skincare provides effective solutions for multi-ethnic skin tones and professional treatments for all global skin types.


We take special care in correcting and repairing your skin's issues with our in-office clinical skin treatments, as well as offering you high performance skincare products for home care maintenance.

We have licensed and skilled Aestheticians, and Beauty Therapists, that are very knowledgeable and continuously trained so that they are fully capable of selecting the proper treatments for your skin.


Our mission is to help our clients achieve a beautiful and more radiant complexion, without submitting to invasive procedures and surgeries.

Instead, we approach skin improvement through non-invasive and progressive, not aggressive methods, yet still garnering amazing results!


Our customized treatments incorporate a generous combination of Natural, Holistic, and Pharmaceutical-grade skincare products and ingredients.


To learn more about what we can do for your skin, or if you would like information about our other wellness services, please contact us at:

(832) 356-9793


Our clinic services are available by appointment only.