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The Acne Clinic

@ NT Skin Care Therapies


Benefit from the knowledge and experience of  a certified and trained Acne Specialist.

No matter what your age, you should not have to suffer with Acne.


Acne is the most common skin disorder, and affects nearly 80 percent of individuals in the US between the ages of 11 and 30 years old. However, many adults over 40 are also affected by this condition...


NT Skin Therapies offers a comprehensive and integrative Acne treatment program for individuals suffering from all types Acne conditions, from mild, to moderate, to severe.

The goal of these programs will be to treat the skin condition through a Holistic approach, incorporating a healthy combination of Natural and Science-based methods and ingredients, Diet modifications, and proven effective treatment solutions.

Our skin specialists are experienced with treating all skin types and Acne grade levels.

We also treat hyperpigmentation, post-acne scarring, and ingrown hairs.


Please contact us for more information about our Acne Clinic, and other upcoming skin treatment programs.